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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the 42nd wedding anniversary of the two amazing people who brought Chicken Mama into this world! So, Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! On the down-side, poor Dad is back to school today. Teacher workshop began today, and the kids arrive (I'm guessing) on the 6th.

Tom just left for the 19-mile bike ride into town to get the pickup. We'd dropped it off yesterday to get new rims on it and this morning he said that "in the spirit of saving money" (gas prices being what they are) he was going to bike in to get it over his lunch hour. I just hope he doesn't have too much of a headwind!
Day before yesterday I conducted an intensive and extensive search for chicken nests out in the woods. I thought sure that I would find at least one chock full of eggs. But, there was nary a one. HOWEVER, last night when Maisy and I were closing up the girls, she found a nest . . . that was NOT there the day before. She got two of the five fresh eggs before I had a chance to get to the remaining three. These are from the pullets from the March Taj MaCoop hatch, and I don't mind if they lay outside . . . as long as they'd keep laying in that same spot so that I can find them!
Last night we went up to the property to attack a job we've been putting off: pulling and pushing the 4" Thermopex (which will carry the out-going and return lines from the Central Boiler to the house and garage) through the 6" draintile dug below the garage. The job wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for how NON-BENDING the Thermopex is! We have a bend of over 45 degrees where it comes up into the garage, and that stuff was just not gonna do it - no matter how we tugged and pushed.
Plan B was to skin the last couple of feet down to the two interior water tubes - which would, theoretically, be flexible enough to make the curve. We did that, but the area we left at the very end (to attach the rope to with which to pull it through the draintile) proved to still be too big and unbending for the corner. By then it was pretty much pitch-black out, the mosquitoes were ferocious, and we still hadn't eaten dinner. Tom wisely suggested we call it quits for the night. We'll head out and attack it again tonight, and I think that once we trim that end right down to nothin' it will go right through. Stay tuned!
Still no activity regarding the well or garage . . . although they both promised to "be out this week". I know that in contractor terms, though, that can mean that they'll drop off their equipment around noon on Friday - in preparation for NEXT Monday - and consider that they've made it in the time allotted! Oh, and the other snafu: when we got home last night there was a message from our timber frame builder. The brakes went out on his rig before he got a chance to leave back to Montana to pick up the rest of our house, and so he's still here in town! And, because he won't get the truck back until today, that doesn't leave him the time he needed to drive out, unload what he was taking with him, load up with our stuff, and drive back by next Tuesday . . . which was his window of opportunity before he has another obligation. So, in simple terms, what that means is that the house probably won't start going up on Monday, the 12th. But, that's okay - it gives me more of a chance to get other things done in preparation for it all. (You have to - at least try to - look on the bright side of things!)


  1. When exactly was the anniversary date - It wasn't shown in the post. I can't believe it's been 42 years - I do remember it! Guess that's what happens when you get younger!

    P.S. Love the blog - keep it up!!!!

  2. I was/am actually up-to-date (believe it or not!): the 42nd anniversary is today, August 31st! (And shouldn't you, ah-hem, remember that?) :)


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