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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

A Little Levity

Last night, when I was having dinner with Mama & Papa Pea (thanks VERY much, Mom!), Dad asked, somewhat in jest, what fun things I had planned for my "day off" today.  Ever the wise-acre, I responded sarcastically . . . and then figured I should maybe share those "wishes" with you here today!  So, without further ado, here's what I WISH I was doing today!

  • Sleep in.  (Something I actually always allow myself, if possible, on my days off.  My sleep last night was fitful, though, and unsatisfying, due to the heat.  The temperature inside the south-facing bedroom maxed out at 79 degrees yesterday, and so it was way too hot for me to comfortably sleep under a [duh] Polarfleece sheet, down comforter, and shearling blanket!  Time to hang the sun-blocking blanket over the windows each day again.)
  • Give myself a luxurious pedicure and paint my toenails in proper preparation for summertime's sandals.
  • Pick up a few things in the house - all that would be necessary since it's always kept immaculate, anyway (insert DRIPPING sarcasm).  Maybe put out some pretty, seasonal decorations.
  • Take a long, long walk with the dogs.
  • Work in the herb garden / flower bed just outside the kitchen.
  • Catch up on some letter writing to old friends.
  • Prepare all the meals for my next week of work, package them ready-to-serve in the freezer.
  • Maybe head "downtown" in this teensy berg to visit a dear friend AND pick up my mail.

And . . . etc., etc.  Ha!  But, then, there's reality.

What I NEED to get done today - which is too, too much to fit into the day is:
  • New cards finished and assembled, packaged and priced (and the inventory sheet updated and printed) for restocking tomorrow at the flower shop in town.
  • OODLES of work for my website clients.
  • Immediately necessary work for the advertising of the local arts festival.  Only three of us are doing ALL the work for this BIG, two-day festival.  And, I'm carrying the smallest load with FoxyLady shouldering a HUGE amount of work!!!
  • Sort, price, and pack items for the rummage sale I've been invited to join in and which is FAST approaching.  I *NEED* to take advantage of this!  I've set myself the goal of packing at LEAST one box every single night (oops, forgot about that last night!) and lots on my days off between now and then (the weekend of the 18th/19th).
  • Necessary work for another graphic design client.
  • Do my immediate check-book balancing / banking.
  • Get the hummer feeders filled and out for the season.
  • Oh, and invoices.  I can't get paid if I don't figure, print, and send invoices!

And then there are the things I really SHOULD get done today:
  • Some dishes / kitchen clean up.
  • Some vacuuming / house clean up.
  • Turning off the Central Boiler and switching the system over for the summer (for the 2nd time this spring).
  • Some food prep for the week ahead.

HEE hee, hahahahahaha!  Riiight.

Finally, I was shooting for the perfect animal sighting trifecta on the way home last night but didn't see a moose as I'd hoped (saw one another night a couple back, tho).  BUT, I did see two foxes and TWO wolves!  Whoo-hoo!

I wish I had some pictures to post as those always make for a more interesting read, but I just haven't had much of interest to catch lately (wolves at night don't sit still to have their images documented!).  Oh, well.

Hope YOU have a GREAT Thursday!  :)


  1. Now I need a nap! Just reading what you need to and what you are doing today has worn me out! Don't forget to have a little me time.

  2. Don't forget to read a few romance novels whilst eating bon bons! You call that a day OFF????? Thank goodness you have retained your marvelous sense of humor!

    1. And where do you get these marvelous header photos? This one is just precious!

  3. I think you to do lists wore that little kitty out. Have a great day off no matter what you accomplish.

  4. You hafta go "get cher nails did"! Haha, I can't even imagine what I would do with real time off, probably die of shock!

  5. Your new blog header photo is PRECIOUS!

    p.s. Did you get everything on your list done today? Hee-hee!

  6. you make me tired just reading it

  7. Dang real life list haha hope you had a good day off in spite of it.


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